What is Marketer Milk?

Marketer Milk helps marketers discover the best marketing related news, resources, and guides. Every weekday we add 5 new links to our growing library of marketing content — curated from various creators around the web.

The Marketer Milk dual-mission

We rest upon 2 core missions. Help marketers do their job better and help great marketers be heard.

1. Help marketers do their job better

The marketing world moves fast. Marketer Milk's goal is to help surface all the relevant marketing content, organize it, and present in a topical format, so marketers can expand their knowledge and find new things to learn from.

Our goal is to make you the smartest marketer in the room. And we know that doesn't just happen from one course, one resource, or one blog that teaches you a particular subject. It comes from seeing stories of hundreds of marketers that are on the same path as you. We want marketers to get a broad view of all the different perspectives for various topics, and help them create their own respective views.

2. Help great marketers be heard

We know there's tons of marketing related content being created each day. Unfortunately, not all of it can be found. Hidden behind search and social algorithms is a tiny blog somewhere written by someone who is extremely knowledgable — we want that person to be heard.

We hope that by helping marketers be heard we can empower them to do amazing things. And it (currently) starts with letting anyone submit their resource(s) to our site. Because our content is handpicked by our editorial team, we only look for great content. We don't care about followers or how well known you are in the industry. If you have great content, that is in the genuine best interest of your marketing peers, and you want to distribute it, we're here to help.


If you have any questions or concerns feel free to drop us a line!