AdPlexity Review: How to find profitable campaigns in 2022 (32% off discount)

In this post, we'll give you a full Adplexity review and show you how to find profitable campaigns. Oh, and we got a special discount code for you as well.

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AdPlexity Review: How to find profitable campaigns in 2022 (32% off discount)

In this post I’m going to do an AdPlexity review and explain exactly how I find successful affiliate marketing campaigns. More specifically, this will be an AdPlexity tutorial and also a review of my top 5 reasons for using this amazing spy tool.

This post will help you decide if this spy tool is right for you, and if you stick around you can receive a 32% off coupon code for life (which will work with all Mobile, Desktop, and Native)!

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No seriously, I actually love this native spy tool so much that I reached out to the team at AdPlexity and they decided to give my readers (you) this massive discount. Of course, it is an affiliate link, but it does help fund the content here on Marketer Milk.

Without further ado, let’s get into it.

So when it comes to making money online, what’s the absolute shortest way in creating success? More specifically, how do you even know if your ideas of making money online will even work?

For years I personally struggled to make some sort of side income online. It wasn’t until I found this spy tool, where my views on affiliate and CPA marketing completely changed.

A wise man once said, good artists copy but great artists steal. As in, why waste time trying to reinvent the wheel with your own ideas?

monkey stealing wheel gif

When it comes to affiliate marketing, I always remind myself to never let my ego get in the way, and to admit that I know absolutely nothing about a particular product I want to promote. When I do this, I give myself the opportunity to throw my own ideas out the window, and to simply research at what is already working in the marketplace.

I found that this is the fastest way to success. See what is working, and improve on it.

When it comes to affiliate marketing, or in this case, performance marketing, studying what people are already doing can give you insight of where your target customers may be. At the same time, it gives you an idea of what kind of products you should be promoting.

I personally went on a hunt to test almost every advertising spy tool out there. I’m not going to name them all (for the sake of those companies reputations). Just give a search for best spy tools for native ads, and you’ll find all the tools I’ve tested.

Out of all my tests, I found that by far the best spy tool out there for native advertising is AdPlexity Native.

Anyways, enough with the rambling, let’s get into exactly how I like to use this spy tool.

AdPlexity review and tutorial for spying on successful campaigns

Now, this wouldn't be an AdPlexity review without a tutorial. This tutorial will go over native only, but you can follow it to see how the tool can be used and all of the things you can discover with it about your competitors affiliate marketing campaigns.

When you first log into the platform you’ll see a screen like this:

adplexity dashboard

I know, it looks a bit crazy, but I’ll do my best to explain everything in this post. If at any time you get confused, I’ve also linked a YouTube video, towards the bottom of this post, I did that goes over everything (and more) that is mentioned in this post.

Okay, the first thing I do is make sure that under “Day’s running” I set the parameter to 14+ days.

days running

We want to do this because it will show us ads that have been running for at least 2 weeks. The reason for this is because it will filter out all the bad campaigns that aren’t optimized yet.

Here’s my rule of thumb: If an ad has been running for at least 2 weeks, we can generally say that the person running the campaign is making money.

This assumption is made because no one spends money on advertising when they’re not making money in return. As in, campaigns running for 14 days means that the affiliate is most likely making money which is why the campaign is continuing to be run.

At the same time, this allows for us to view information on a campaign that is already optimized. This is very important because it allows us to find profitable websites where we can advertise on as well.

Okay, the next thing I do is under “Device Type” I generally like to select “iPhone” or “Android Phone”.

device type

I do this because mobile campaigns are a lot cheaper to run than desktop campaigns. At the same time, more people are using their phones to browse the internet. Just look at the statistics of how mobile is dominating desktop.

After this, I look at what country I want to spy in. There definitely is a lot of money to be made in the United States. But, for someone just starting out, I really recommend looking into other English speaking countries. I say this because the cost of advertise is a lot cheaper. At the same time, countries outside of the US have less competition, which is a win-win.

country select

In this case, I chose to spy on campaigns in Australia. Some other great countries you can also spy on are Canada, UK, and South Africa.

adplexity skin care

Now you can see the options look different than the first image of results when we opened the platform. The campaigns we are looking at are a lot more promising now. But that’s not it, I’ll show you some other cool tricks to find even better campaigns.

received the most traffic

In the top right drop down, I change it from the default “Newest” to “Receive most traffic”. There is no exact one way to do your research, but I found that choosing this option gives me campaigns that have the best click through rates (CTR). Not only is this a good sign for the campaign being appealing to customers, but the higher to CTR, the lower your CPC is when it comes to advertising.

Now at this point, I begin clicking on campaigns that seem interesting. What I’m really looking for is a campaign that has a trend that looks promising.

adlexity ad trends

Here, I clicked on a campaign that seem to be promoting a casino clickbank offer. As I scroll down, I can see information on exactly where this affiliate is promoting this offer. In other words, I can see the top 10 websites that are making them money, and I can see the distribution of devices that this ad is running on.

week trends

As I mentioned earlier, I like mobile campaigns. So, it looks like this affiliate is mainly running on desktop. This can be a good thing for me, because I can take this campaign and simply test it on mobile, where I’ll find less competition against this particular affiliate.

As I scroll down more, I can see what native advertising platform this affiliate is running on.

device and placements

I can see that this affiliate is only running on Revcontent. This is a native advertising platform that I generally like to recommend to people because it’s the easiest (in my opinion) native ad network to start on.

At the same time we can see Placement ID’s. These will vary in format between different native ad networks. For Revcontent, they’re simply several digits.

The game changer

AdPlexity, used to not have this feature to view placement ID’s. But as we’ll get into the top 5 reasons why I love this spy tool towards the end, I explain how the team at AdPlexity is constantly updating their platform to make it 10 steps ahead of their competitors.

If I scroll back to the top of this campaign, I can see all the different landing pages for this specific campaign. Once you click “Show More” you’ll see something like this:

landing page details

For the sake of this affiliates privacy, I blacked out his links. But essentially, here you can do some amazing stuff.

First off, you can see how their redirect chain is. You can literally view exactly what happens when a customer clicks on their ad. As in, you can see exactly where the offer links to.

You can even see what tracking software this affiliate is using, and sometimes you can see what affiliate network their offer is on. However, this may not populate for all campaigns.

But that’s an easy fix. If you read my other post on how I manually spy on affiliate marketing campaigns, you’ll already know how to find what affiliate networks offers are attached to. Knowing this makes it extremely easy to find the exact same offer and to test it yourself.

The best part

You can download their landing page and upload it to your own domain! This is a brand new feature that was added. This is another game changer, because I have yet to see another spy tool offer this feature.

Now, you literally have no excuse as to why you can replicate these campaigns and test to improve on them.

5 reasons why you need AdPlexity

Now let’s go over some reasons to get AdPlexity over any other spy tool out there.

1. Spy on top running campaigns

Duh, this is a no brainer. But seriously, I love this tool because of the filters and parameters that I use to help me find golden campaigns that I would not have otherwise found.

2. Spy on profitable widgets

As shown in the tutorial above, there was a feature called Placement ID’s. This can also be referred to as a “widget”. Collecting a bunch of widgets ID’s (basically an arbitrary number used by native ad networks to define a website) allows for the opportunity to run whitelist campaigns that can be extremely profitable.

3. Download landing pages

I used to always get tons of emails from people asking me how to download landing pages. It can be hard to know what attributes to a good landing page experience. But with AdPlexity, you can see what successful landing pages are already doing, and find inspiration. Besides using landing page downloading software, now you can easily do it with a click of a button inside this tool! No need for extra software that can cost you extra money.

4. Upload landing pages

With the new integration with Landerbolt, you can easily manage and host your landing pages online. This is great for those who aren’t crazy tech savvy like me.

5. Great support that actually cares

One of the top reasons why I chose this spy tool over others is that they’re constantly making the platform better. There are always new updates coming out, and even webinars that they host for you to get a better understand of how to use the tool to its fullest.

And if anything ever goes wrong, or you don’t understand something within the platform, you can hit them up in the chat on the bottom left of the screen and ask them anything. They usually reply pretty quickly if you ask a question during business hours.


After going through this AdPlexity review, I'd like to say that there really is no spy tool out there. Occasionally I get emails from from different spy tool companies wanting me to review their tools, but I simply decline them all because I found my bread and butter. I literally use this tool everyday to see what the market is responding to at a given time. It allows me to not only see what is running at the moment, but it allows me to forecast trends by reviewing data from previous months and even years.

If there is one thing I would complain about the tool is that it can be slightly slow at times. I like to think my internet connection is pretty fast, but sometimes it does take a few extra seconds for things to load within the platform. It doesn’t bother me much, but it is noticeable.

My theory is that there is just so much data that is being scraped that it's inevitable that load times will be affected. But since I first started using the tool a couple years ago, I have noticed a slight increase in speed. This is probably because the team is constantly improving and getting better servers to host everything on.

Overall, there really isn’t anything like this tool. It does the job and beyond. I would recommend it to anyone that is serious about affiliate marketing and wants to take their game to the next level!

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