10 jaw-dropping newsletter landing page examples in 2024

Boost your email marketing strategy with our top 10 newsletter landing page examples. Learn to increase your conversion rates and subscriber engagement.

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10 jaw-dropping newsletter landing page examples in 2024

When I first started my marketing newsletter, I had no idea what to put on my newsletter landing page.

I experimented with many different designs. And if you look at the Wayback Machine of this website, you'll be able to see how it evolved over the years.

But, one thing I did do from the start was take inspiration from some of the largest newsletters out there. Many of these large newsletters did their due diligence and A/B tested different variations until they found the highest converting landing page for their newsletter.

I'm not saying to copy exactly what's out there, but success does leave clues.

Below, I curated some of my favorite newsletters. I looked at both the landing pages these newsletters had and how they structured their headlines and copy to make it enticing enough to subscribe.

Okay, without me rambling anymore, let's get into it.

What is a newsletter landing page?

A landing page for your newsletter is a web page designed to catch the attention of visitors and encourage them to subscribe to your email newsletter. The key to creating a landing page is to set goals, such as determining the desired number of daily visitors and the conversion rate from visitors to subscribers. By focusing on these metrics, your landing page can greatly contribute to enhancing your email marketing efforts by turning readers into subscribers.

Unlike embedded forms, pop-ups, or squeeze pages, newsletter landing pages provide a space where you can effectively communicate the benefits of subscribing. According to research by Omnisend, landing pages have the highest conversion rates (23%) among different types of sign-up forms. Sharing the URL of your newsletter landing page with your target audience is a guaranteed way to maximize sign-ups for your newsletter.

What should you include on a newsletter landing page?

To create a newsletter landing page that is both user-friendly and good for SEO, you should consider four essential elements:

  1. Attention-grabbing headline
  2. Clearly communicate benefits
  3. User-friendly subscription form
  4. Engaging visual elements

Let's go over these points.

Attention-grabbing headline

The title of your newsletter is crucial as it sets the first impression for your readers. It should be captivating. Here, you should provide context about what your newsletter offers. A great headline not only grabs attention but also captures the essence of your newsletter in a few words.

Consider including a brief description consisting of 1-2 sentences below the headline to give further context and educate your readers about the content they can expect from your newsletter.

Clearly communicate benefits

A clear value proposition effectively conveys the advantages and content that subscribers will receive from your newsletter. Make sure to highlight the benefits of subscribing and emphasize the information they'll gain.

By showcasing proof, such as testimonials, or displaying the number of existing subscribers, you can create a sense of FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out). Encourage visitors to become part of your newsletter community.

User-friendly subscription form

Keep your subscription form simple and user-friendly — all you need is an email address and an optional name field. A streamlined signup process removes barriers. Makes it easier for visitors to subscribe.

Simplifying the process increases the likelihood that potential subscribers will complete the form and join your newsletter.

Engaging visual elements

Incorporate images, graphics, or videos into your newsletter landing page to make it visually appealing and captivating. These visual elements will enhance reader engagement with your content.

The use of visuals on your landing page can play a role in helping visitors identify their location and reinforcing your message resulting in a powerful impact. In particular, incorporating videos has the potential to increase conversions by 86%.

The best newsletter landing pages to learn from

Now that we've discussed the aspects of a newsletter landing page, let's explore 10 examples of newsletter landing pages that can inspire you. These examples span industries, designs, and strategies, providing a range of inspiration for your own newsletter landing page project.

Here are our favorite newsletter landing page examples:

  1. Milk Road
  2. The Gist
  3. Unicorn Club
  4. Marketer Milk
  5. Lenny's Newsletter
  6. The New York Times
  7. The Published Press
  8. Demand Curve Newsletter
  9. The Bagel
  10. Daily Skimm

Let's take a look at each one.

1. Milk Road

The Milk Road newsletter

Milk Road's newsletter landing page is an example of a great homepage. Boasting a subscriber base of over 250,000, Milk Road has received accolades and endorsements from executives and influencers. The landing page effectively presents a compelling value proposition, social proof, and a user-friendly opt-in form that simplifies the process for subscribers to grasp the advantages of becoming part of the Milk Road community.

2. The Gist

The Gist newsletter homepage

The newsletter landing page of The Gist provides sports news that is presented in a concise and reader-friendly manner. Their landing page has a visually attractive design, effectively conveying the benefits of subscribing to their newsletter.

The Gist also engages their visitors through a program called GISTfluencer, where subscribers are rewarded for sharing the newsletter with their friends. This approach fosters a sense of community and motivates readers to help spread the word about The Gist.

3. Unicorn Club

Unicorn Club newsletter homepage

The newsletter landing page for the Unicorn Club is specifically tailored to front-end developers and UX/UI designers. The page effectively communicates the purpose of the newsletter and provides a form for new subscribers to opt in.

The clean design and focused content of the landing page make it simple for visitors to grasp the value of joining the Unicorn Club, ultimately encouraging them to subscribe.

4. Marketer Milk

Marketer Milk newsletter landing page

Marketer Milks newsletter landing page is designed to keep marketers informed and engaged with marketing news and insights. The landing page showcases a layout that skillfully highlights the benefits of subscribing and includes a live feed that updates every weekday.

By incorporating company logos and displaying up-to-date content, Marketer Milk establishes trust and credibility — motivating visitors to sign up and become part of their community.

5. Lenny's Newsletter

Lenny's Newsletter landing page

Lenny's Newsletter is built on Substack and provides advice on product development, growth strategies, and career advancement. The landing page features an attention-grabbing headline, a value proposition, and a user-friendly opt-in form that clearly outlines the advantages of subscribing.

With a subscriber base exceeding 539,000 individuals, Lenny's Newsletter has undeniably struck a chord with its audience — serving as an example for crafting your own compelling landing page.

6. The New York Times Subscription Page

The New York Times newsletter page

The subscription page for The New York Times serves as a simple design for a newsletter landing page. It provides options for both home delivery subscriptions allowing visitors to personalize the content they receive. By utilizing cookies to remember visitor preferences, The New York Times makes sure that each visitor has a personalized experience.

The clean page design and layout, along with an explanation of the benefits, make it easy for visitors to understand why subscribing is advantageous.

7. The Published Press

The Published Press newsletter landing page

Another noteworthy example is The Published Press, which offers a newsletter delivering creator news and captivating articles to its subscribers. Its landing page features a design that clearly states the value prop and has an appealing hero shot that shows a sneak peek of what the actual newsletter looks like.

Readers consistently praise The Published Press for its information. It has thoughtfully curated content making it an exemplary source to learn from.

8. Demand Curve Newsletter

Demand Curve newsletter landing page

Similarly, the landing page of the Demand Curve Newsletter provides insights on pricing, marketing, and growth strategies to help startups with growth and marketing. With its design and clear value prop, this landing page effectively communicates the benefits of subscribing.

A user-friendly sign-up form makes sure a registration process entices visitors enough to become a part of their community.

9. The Bagel

The Bagel newsletter landing page

The Bagel is a newsletter that keeps subscribers updated on research discoveries. The landing page is sleek and visually appealing and effectively conveys the purpose and content of the newsletter.

The Bagel's distinctive approach to sharing captivating content and showing the benefits, along with screenshots on its homepage, serves as a great example of how you can treat your newsletter like a product landing page.

10. Daily Skimm

Daily Skimm newsletter

Daily Skimm is a morning newsletter that millions of readers eagerly anticipate each day. The landing page maintains a visually appealing design presenting a value proposition and featuring an easily accessible opt-in form. Like many newsletters on this list, they also feature previously published newsletters so you can get a sample of their content before you actually subscribe.

Through communicating the advantages of subscribing, the Daily Skimms landing page motivates visitors to join the newsletter community and stay well-informed about events.

How to create a newsletter landing page

Armed with inspiration from these fantastic examples, you’re ready to craft your own good landing page, specifically an effective newsletter landing page.

Here are the steps to create a newsletter landing page drawing inspiration from these examples;

  1. Choose a platform, like Beehiiv, to build your landing page. Created by early employees at the Morning Brew, Beehiiv is the fastest-growing newsletter platform in 2024. It offers features such as email automation, email list growth tools, scheduling, a landing page builder, and a drag-and-drop editor. It's perfect for content creators who want to manage their newsletters and earn recurring revenue through paid subscriptions. It's also the platform we use, along with a handful of other newsletters on this list.
  2. Make sure that your landing page is optimized for devices. A responsive design is crucial to providing a user-friendly experience for visitors on smartphones or tablets. This means your landing page should adapt well to screen sizes and devices, making it easy to navigate, read, and interact with.
  3. Refine your design through A/B testing. Experiment with variations of your landing page elements like headlines, images, call-to-action buttons, etc... Measure the impact on key metrics such as conversion rates or user engagement levels. This iterative process will help you identify what works best for your audience.
  4. Continuously monitor the performance of your landing page by analyzing metrics like click-through rates or time spent on the page. This will give you insights into how your newsletter landing page is performing and help you make data-driven decisions to improve its effectiveness over time.

By following these steps, you'll be able to create a newsletter that engages landing page visitors effectively.


In conclusion, creating an effective newsletter landing page is a crucial step in maximizing newsletter sign-ups and engaging your target audience. By incorporating captivating headlines, clear value propositions, user-friendly opt-in forms, and engaging visuals, you can create a high-converting landing page that stands out.

Learn from the inspiring examples presented in this blog post and utilize a newsletter platform like beehiiv to make sure you are maximizing the success of your newsletter. Now it’s time to put these insights into action and watch your newsletter subscribers soar!

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