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Over the past 2 years, Alloy has built a small but mighty two-person marketing team with a strong focus in brand, content, and partner marketing. We’re now looking for a leader to help take the team and Alloy to the next level, while filling in gaps like product and growth marketing. Through your leadership and deep expertise in various B2B marketing tactics, you will help us cement our position as a mission-critical element of the ecommerce tech stack.

This role will report to our CEO and for the next 6 - 12 months, the focus will be on designing new product positioning and channel experiments with the goal of generating sales pipeline for our existing two products (Automation and Embedded).

What you’ll be doing

  • Roll up your sleeves and start the growth and product marketing functions from scratch, then build a world-class team around them.
  • Collaborate cross-functionally with sales, product, and customer success to drive marketing planning and execution. You should have experience and opinions on how to collect marketable ideas from different teams.
  • Inspire the marketing team and help in their performance and growth; in particular with internal process design & accountability measuring (as opposed to a hands-off leader that lives primarily through delegation)
  • Develop a cadence of new marketing plans and campaign strategies to test. Collaborate with the team to implement this and drive / accelerate our inbound pipeline.
  • Create strong analytics infrastructure to help the marketing team identify when to stop initiatives early or re-invest. In addition, you should be able to look at past initiatives and develop an opinion on how to adjust and reapply learnings to new marketing.
  • Constantly iterate on ICP and positioning.
  • Help the team stay on top of trends and create new trends that position Alloy in different segments of the market. You should be able to drive Gartner and Forrester listings.
  • Create a strong PR strategy that is not reliant on fundraise announcements.
  • Manage and allocate marketing and resourcing spend based on targets; build detailed by-channel and by-segment benchmarking for CAC and other metrics.

Skills & experience we’re excited about

  • You have 5+ years of combined hands-on and leadership experience at marketing orgs within startups. Ideally you’ve joined a startup at seed or Series A before, and played a key role in growing it past that stage.
  • You should have experience marketing a multi-use case technical SaaS product and creating strong user communities around those types of products
  • You should strive to be both creative and experimental, and often go beyond the data to re-evaluate our initiatives with first principles thinking (ie, would I care to try this software after seeing this tweet or ad?)
  • You have experience with marketing a wide range of technical and nontechnical enterprise and SMB users and therefore can craft, manage and support both high volume, inside sales process as well as field marketing and ABM
  • You have a strong head for numbers and math and can bring rigor around marketing ops, experiment design, etc.
  • But you should also strive to be a systems "simplifier" - operating at scale requires clear thinking and communication, and simple, scalable processes win over complicated, locally-optimal ones
  • You’re results-driven with a proven track record of measuring and tracking results and ROI on brand & content, growth, product marketing, etc.
  • You’re a leader with a strong rolodex, who can also retain top talent. You should be able to provide mentorship to the team and build an awesome internal culture

Why work at Alloy?

  • We’re growing quickly - We've raised $27M to date and anticipate growing to nearly 40 people by end of 2022
  • We’re diverse & distributed - We work remotely across 6 time zones, and our team is highly diverse from an age, gender, and background perspective. We move fast, but also find time to laugh, get to know more about each other's cultures and backgrounds, and show off our great (and horrible) cooking.
  • We stay on top of trends - We’re power users of tools like Figma, Jira, & Notion, and also know a thing or two about memes.
  • We build for our customers - We keep a good pulse on how our merchants are doing, and their problems, which is what allows us to discover new opportunities and areas for growth. We do this by running regular product feedback sessions, and engaging a dedicated customer community.
  • We’re ambitious, like you - We’re relentlessly optimistic that we can build this crazy automation tool that will change the way millions of people work once they have their hands on it.
  • We’re backed by the best - We’re backed by leading VCs like a16z, Bain Capital, YC and the founders of brands like Rent the Runway & Italic, and the people behind tech unicorns like Attentive, ShipBob, & Webflow believed in us early and are invested in our success.
Posted on:
July 25, 2022

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