11 best product marketing blogs you need to read in 2024

Product marketing managers are in high-demand right now. We curated some of the best product marketing blogs to help you become a top 1% product marketer.

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11 best product marketing blogs you need to read in 2024

Product marketers are some of the most important individuals within a marketing organization. Often, they can be the first marketing hire at many companies.

If you’re think about getting into marketing, product marketing is a branch of marketing you definitely want to look into.

It’s a field of marketing that seems to be growing more year over year.

Google trends graph for "product marketing manager"
Searches for Product Marketing Manager are on the rise.

Whether tasked with product positioning, understanding user retention, working on use case landing pages, or following up on customer success, product marketers are essential for any company.

In this article, we’ll go over some product marketing blogs that can help you with your marketing plan, getting product adoption, and driving a go-to-market strategy.

There’s no harm in taking advice from the best, so for today’s rundown we’ve focused on the most inspiring content for product marketers on the internet today. But first, a foundational question…

What does a product marketer do?

For those who aren’t familiar with the concept, a product marketer is simply a specialty marketing professional whose task it is to bring a new product to market, making the biggest impact, and attracting a large target audience.

When an amazing new gadget catches your eye in an in-store display, or by appearing on your Instagram feed, that’s the work of a product marketing team. The product marketing executive will oversee the go-to-market flow — including all messaging, branding, copy, ad marketing campaigns, and promotions. They’ll also decide which outlets and media the product launch will focus upon for maximum effect.

The role requires a complex skill set and has many moving parts, which explains why there are so many B2B marketing blogs out there. Good product marketing is a blend of creativity, market research, clever positioning, and gut instinct.

Or as Seth Godin, bestselling author and former dotcom executive puts it, “marketing is no longer about the stuff you make, but about the stories you tell.”

In this piece we’ll run down ten of the very best product marketing blogs to inspire you.

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11 best product marketing blogs in 2024

Here are our top picks for the best product marketing blogs:

1. Product Marketing Alliance

Product Marketing Alliance

The PMA is a collective of product marketers whose goal is to “elevate the role of product marketing”, share information and insights and generally support one another. Since their beginnings in 2019, they have acquired over 90,000 members globally, and their articles section is a fount of knowledge and fascinating topics.

Recently, the blog has become an “everything you need to know” about product marketing resource with webinars, downloadable white papers, and podcast content alongside traditional written articles. The latter are usefully annotated with read duration and cover a range of subjects including how to set up a product feedback loop, interviews with PMA members, and a deep dive into the sub-field of developer marketing.

Topics are cross-referenced within each article so that if you want to know more about buyer personas, for instance, you can dive straight through to the relevant article. PMA membership offers so much more than just a blog. The resources pages are a good place to check the organization out, and gauge if membership is right for you.

2. Olivine

Olivine product marketing blog

Olivine Marketing helps B2B software companies get their messaging right and launch products successfully. They focus on crafting stories that clearly explain what a product does and why it matters. This clarity and strategic positioning is what drives sales.

The team at Olivine has experience building market-leading tech brands from the inside. Now they leverage that knowledge to support startups and help them grow.

Olivine offers a few options depending on what you need:

  • Agency: This is full-service support covering strategy, branding, designs, and content across the customer journey. Olivine becomes your product marketing team.
  • Marketplace: Connect with vetted freelance marketing talent for short-term projects or overflow needs.
  • Playbooks: Self-guided courses and templates to DIY your positioning strategy and core marketing materials.

So whether you need an entire go-to-market plan or just some expert consulting on sales messaging and demo scripts, Olivine can help. Reach out to learn more about how their product marketing services can set your B2B SaaS apart.

3. Casey Winters

Casey Winter's blog

Casey Winters is the chief product officer at Eventbrite, the events and ticketing platform. He’s also something of a scaling-up guru for new and developing companies, which makes him a highly experienced writer on product marketing. Companies he’s helped towards stellar success include Grubhub and Pinterest.

Casey writes blog articles under the nom de plume “Casey Accidental”, a homage to Canadian indie rock bank KC Accidental (now Broken Social Scene).

Casey’s blog is an old school mix of personal anecdote and topic-led discussions and can be very in-depth. For instance, his piece “How to Justify ‘non-sexy’ Product Investments” runs to over 2400 words. However, it includes a lot of highly practical information, graphics, and formulas for calculating something called the Creator Product Experience Score, which Casey developed for Eventbrite. That’s a textbook example of added value, straight away.

Casey posts rather erratically, but his blog’s contains links to related articles. Each piece has tags at the bottom taking you to other articles on similar topics. The blog is designed in a slightly old-fashioned Wordpress format, and you might have to use the search field to hunt for a subject. However, given its author’s wide-ranging experience and client pedigree, Casey Accidental is well-worth checking out regularly for new content.

4. The Product Marketer

The Product Marketer blog and newsletter

Substack hosts this definitively-named blog from Rory Woodbridge, a product marketer with experience at some of the biggest names on the net, including Google, YouTube and Amazon. He’s currently at PLEO, a corporate expense management platform and recent start-up.

Rory’s blog covers some unique and fascinating topics such as the notion of a public roadmap and product differentiation. He’s a very personable writer, which makes ingesting his insights a breeze. Because it’s hosted on Substack, it’s easy to locate his archive of past pieces, as well as the most upvoted content and reader comments.

Rory is also not afraid to share deeply personal content, such as the tragic passing of his brother Jack, which makes his blog a little more engaging than some of the more corporate ones. Like many busy bloggers with demanding day jobs, Rory’s posting schedule is erratic.

However, he’s one of the most entertaining and thought-provoking writers in the product marketing world, particularly if your products are apps or B2B platforms. It's a great blog for those just getting into marketing.

5. Daphne Tideman

Daphne Tideman's product marketing blog

Startup coach Daphne Tideman is one of the more prolific posters on this list, with a weekly schedule of articles on topics as diverse as dealing with a growth slump and conducting product-market fit research. Her Medium-hosted blog articles are tagged under several categories, with a strong bias towards growth, in all its surprising forms.

Daphne is the author of the book “Growing Happy Clients”, and her blog is especially strong on developing new products and brands. There’s also a focus on what the role of Head of Growth requires and entails, especially useful given the recent explosion of hires in this sector.

Daphne peppers her articles with graphs and charts which help visualize the principles she’s describing, as well as quotes from interviews with topic experts. They are insightful and sometimes controversial takes, but always worth absorbing.

Medium usefully allows topic tagging and read duration, so you’ll easily be able to find something to fill that coffee break or commute to work.

6. Rohit Srivastav

Rohit Srivastav's product marketing blog

“Figuring it Out” is the title of Rohit Srivastav’s blog, and this SaaS expert describes it as “swipe file of my favorite things, mostly original – essays, thoughts, ramblings, rants.”

Rohit is rather modest in that self-assessment, since his Substack-hosted blog is exceptionally strong on current product developments in SaaS marketing. There are also case studies which could prove highly instructive to a new product marketer.

Moreover, his articles are both personal and unexpected, such as this piece, which begins as a reminiscence of car brand conversations with his father, then progresses into a discussion of product differentiation within rival automobile marques in India. The article ends with some thoughts on how lessons can be learned from this rivalry and translated to the strategies of B2B SaaS companies.

Figuring it Out works best as a sounding board for ideas, which readers can think about and discuss. It is well-written and personable. Rohit is honest and open about his own journey, such as in his recent article about regular job-switching, and how best to think about the process.

Less of a guru and more of a “one of us” vibe makes this blog a virtual best friend for product marketing learners or those with intermediate levels of experience.

7. Product Marketing Starter

Product Marketing Starter

Another key read for those just starting out in product marketing is this blog from Funmilola Adeniyi. Funmilola, a young Product Marketing Manager, describes her Substack as a “weekly newsletter for anyone who’s new to Product Marketing and needs resources”.

Funmilola’s articles are easy to read, simply constructed and well-sourced, with hints and tips from topic experts and plenty of useful links. Fittingly, given the blog’s target market, there are a lot of foundational step-by-step guides and introductory pieces.

Recently, the writer has branched out into instructive interviews, such as this talk with Unbounce’s Product Marketing Manager, Chloe Taylor. Although this is the first interview article from the blog, more will hopefully follow.

The blog is very accessible and Funmilola posts new content every Wednesday or Thursday. Her archive already contains over 20 pieces, although the blog only began in September 2021. A great place for beginners to learn the ropes and feel part of a growing community of PMMs.

8. Ravi Mehta

Ravi Mehta's product marketing blog

At the other end of the experience spectrum, there’s Ravi Metha. Ravi has worked for Reforge, Facebook, Trip Advisor and Xbox, and is currently the Chief Product Officer at Tinder (yes, you have him to blame when your swiping gets out of control!)

Ravi is also the co-founder and CEO of a company called Scale Higher, which specializes in helping start-ups grow, and he’s one of the main go-to gurus for brand differentiation and growth.

Ravi’s blog has numerous insightful articles divided into strands like “product”, “leadership” and “managing teams.” Indeed, his pieces extend out from a product management core into related fields, with a focus on seniority and team motivation.

A recent piece examines on how Product Managers can develop teams by identifying vital skill gaps and hiring accordingly. The article, entitled, “What’s Your Shape?” includes an insightful spider diagram depicting 12 vital product manager competencies. That alone might be something to cut out and stick to your desk for future reference!

Other subjects Ravi has recently covered include competing product strategies and the “Entertainment Value Curve”. These are not quick reads, but they are packed with information and thought-provoking insight.

9. Foundation

Foundation Inc blog

Content marketing agency Foundation has positioned itself as an industry leader in providing marketing orientated content with its “Lab”. The B2B specialist has shaped this blog to rival such industry titans as HubSpot for marketing education.

Their blog is a glossy, well-illustration selection of pieces, arranged in strands including Content Strategy, B2B Marketing, and Content Creation. The focus is very much on content-based marketing, since this is by far the most popular marketing strategy for B2B SaaS platforms.

Foundation posts regularly, and employs a selection of specialist authors producing pieces. The articles are longform, detailed, practical, and very well illustrated. New pieces drop every 5 to 7 days and the latest pieces have included a feature on the success of the video calling and productivity app, Loom, and tips for content creation.

Foundation also provides marketing courses, and a series of downloadable white papers in their resources section.

10. Wynter

Wynter go-to-market blog posts

Wynter is a content analytics tool which aims to make your messaging and SEO much more effective. Their blog is one of the few platform-led resources that’s actually worth reading, even if you never intend to become a Wynter subscriber.

Their blog is very wide-ranging with “go-to-market” merely one strand amongst sections on messaging and customer feedback. That said, the product marketing articles are eclectic in themselves, including such topics as brand preference and product marketing metrics and how to track them.

Wynter, sensibly, use a range of guest authors, from different agencies and marketing companies. This helps add variety and position Wynter as thought leaders. The articles often include helpful bullet point reminders, graphics, and quotes from industry experts. They skew towards the practical because they’re written by successful marketing practitioners.

Though you may not like or agree with every author who writes for Wynter, you’ll always find something to stimulate conversation. They have over 10,000 subscribers for a reason – their pieces are pithy and practical with plenty of that underrated resource – white space!

11. HubSpot

HubSpot product marketing blog

Last but never least, HubSpot really needs no introduction. They have over 143,000 existing customers in more than 120 countries. The sales enablement and marketing platform is especially strong for resources, and many of these, including its blogs, are available to non-subscribers.

The plural “blogs” is intentional – HubSpot has five of them, of which their marketing strand is just one (others include sales, website design and The Hustle, a news portal). HubSpot’s marketing content is highly varied, well-written and exceptionally well-designed. Reading lengths range from four minute listicles to 25-minute in-depth dives into topics including social media marketing and Google Ad Creation

HubSpot’s especially good if you’re looking for an “ultimate guide” to some aspect of product marketing or want to read around the topic. As well as the articles, which update almost daily, across the whole platform.

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