30+ best Webflow templates of all time + free templates

Discover the best Webflow templates available right now. From paid to free templates, with various different use cases. We’ve curated it all for you.

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30+ best Webflow templates of all time + free templates

I’ve been on the hunt for the best Webflow templates. It’s taken me a while to find the best free (and premium) templates for all different use cases — portfolios, SaaS websites, blog websites, ecommerce websites, and more. This article will give you a transparent overview of what you can currently find.

If you don’t already know, Webflow is a no-code platform for web design and development. The great thing about Webflow is that you have total control over how you design and build websites. Even if you use a template, you can easily edit it or mix and match elements from different templates — creating a totally new website that is unique.

To be honest, I tend to start my Webflow projects from a blank canvas. But I have used website templates in the past and know how powerful they can be, which is why I think it’s important to know what’s out there so you can either find inspiration for your own web designs or speed up the development process.

Are Webflow templates worth it?

Depending on your use case, Webflow templates can be worth the money. Even free templates, as we’ll get into in this article, are great for helping speed up the web design and development process.

Templates are great for startups looking to quickly get a site up and running, or even for freelancers looking to leverage UI kits to implement in their projects.

More often than not, many of the premium templates offered by Webflow are on the cutting edge of web design trends. So browsing through Webflow templates can be a great way to find inspiration, even if you decide to build from a blank canvas.

What should I look for in a Webflow template?

The best Webflow templates have a combination of form and functionality. They need to be designed using web design best practices in mind.

Things like SEO optimizations, contact forms, clean and readable homepages, and multipurpose UI kits are things you should look for when browsing around for a new website template.

In this article, we’ve curated some of the best Webflow templates based on things like:

  • Web design best practices
  • SEO optimized
  • Number of pages and layouts offered
  • Leveraging the Webflow CMS
  • Beautiful web design with minimalist animations

Below each template I recommend, I’ll also explain exactly why we like the template. This article is split into two lists — “free templates” and “paid templates.” Under each category, you’ll also find the specific use case the template is best served for.

Okay, let’s get in it.

30 best Webflow templates: Based on price and use case

Here are my top picks for the best Webflow templates:

Best free Webflow templates

Some of the best free Webflow templates I’ve found:

1. UX/UI Portfolio (Portfolio template)

UX/UI free Webflow portfolio template

First on our list is a free cloneable template from @madisenfedo. This is a portfolio template, specifically for UI/UX designers. It’s actually a real portfolio website, but the designer was kind enough to make it a cloneable for the Webflow Community.

Be sure to check out this template if you’re currently building out your design portfolio.

What I like:

  • Minimalist design with lot’s of breathing room
  • Multi-page with featured work, about page, and contact form
  • Individual project pages with beautiful highlights of project work

2. Indi Harris (Portfolio template)

Indi Harris free Webflow portfolio template

Next up is Indi Harris, a free cloneable template created by designer @jordan. Similar to the template above, this is a real portfolio website that has been made as a cloneable in the Webflow Showcase.

Indi Harris is a clean one-page portfolio template that keeps it simple and gives it’s visitors what they need. The hero section is beautifully designed, with a portfolio image to give the website a personal feel.

It’s a great template, and one I’ll probably use for inspiration when I decided to update my own portfolio.

What I like:

  • Beautiful typeface
  • Clean hero section with an headshot
  • Simple one-page design

3. Portfolio Website (Portfolio template)

Free Webflow portfolio website template

The last free portfolio template on our list is Portfolio Website — an eye-catching template created by @DesignPilot.

Just like the template above, this is a one-page portfolio that includes a navbar that scrolls down to different page sections when clicked.

Most bold websites are sometimes a bit difficult to read and navigate, but somehow this in-your-face (in a good way) template is very readable. The dark-mode design is a great choice for web developers, and the template offers a wide variety of sections that can be copied and pasted into other pages of your website (if you decide to add more pages to this template).

What I like:

  • Grid-style layouts to highlight skills and work
  • Bold, but clean at the same time
  • Contact form at the the bottom of the page

4. MailMaker (SaaS template)

MailMaker free Webflow SaaS website template

First on our list for free SaaS templates is MailMaker. Created by @bmichaelgroff, this SaaS website template is great for any startup or tech company looking to quickly get a design up for free.

The template is just one page, but gives you many CTA options for creating new pages that can be linked to the homepage. There’s also a “Log in” and “Sign up” section in the navbar, so you’ll be able to easily connect your web application, or use Memberstack, to create user logins.

What I like:

  • SEO and accessibility optimized
  • A clear hero section with an email capture form
  • Modern design feel with a pricing section
  • Style guide included

5. Splash (SaaS template)

Splash free Webflow SaaS template

Splash is another SaaS website template that is very special. It’s one of those templates that could easily be a paid template but the designer @RevenueDesign, has been kind enough to make this multi-page template available for free.

Splash gives you everything you need to establish a new high-performing website in a single day, with 8 fundamental website pages, diverse content design patterns, copywriting outlines, and more.

Because this template offers so many pages to choose from, you can easily mix and match different sections and pages to create a totally new and unique website.

What I like:

  • A full website template with tons of customization
  • Uses Webflow CMS and includes a full blog homepage with individual article pages
  • A pricing page that lets you toggle between monthly and annual plans

6. Relume Cloneable (Agency template)

Relume free Webflow agency template

Created by the team at Relume.io, this Relume Cloneable is an agency website template that is great for Webflow agencies.

The template gives a modern feel with a timeline for project deliverables. It also features a clever portfolio of work that leverages a Figma embed, so you can show clients exactly how you design and build websites. Their pricing section is also clean and brings a lot of function.

This is a great template for any freelancer or agency in the web design and development space.

What I like:

  • Includes a project timeline
  • Cool page loading animation
  • FAQ section
  • Simple one-page design

7. The Agency (Agency template)

Free Webflow agency website template

Created by @sivstudio, The Agency is a free cloneable agency template that looks absolutely stunning. The template is just one page, but it sets up the homepage nicely for future pages that can then be linked out to in the navbar and menu.

The Agency has so many subtle interactions and animations that it’s hard to believe it’s a free template. With tons of sections and galleries, it makes for a great template for showcasing previous work.

This template is awesome for marketing and design agencies and service providers.

What I like:

  • Smooth scrolling interactions
  • Cookie consent popup
  • Beautiful hamburger menu with a great browsing experience

8. Wave (Business template)

Wave free Webflow business website template

Created by @RevenueDesign, Wave is a business website template that’s simple and offers a lot of functionality.

It’s a great template for commercial websites and even agencies. With over eight pages, this template is a full website. Equipped with a blog, different homepage layouts, a product tour page, and a pricing page.

If you’re looking for a full template for your commercial site, this is it.

What I like:

  • Full website template with CMS functionality
  • Offer’s eight pages to choose from
  • Easy to read and navigate

9. Client-first (Business template)

Free Webflow business website template

Created by the famous Webflow agency, @Finsweet, Client-first is a business website template that’s created for software companies.

This template is a full website. So you’ll get a beautiful homepage, blog, pricing page, and many more pages that come with premium templates.

The great thing about this template is that it comes with a set of standards and practices for creating clean, organized, and scalable Webflow websites. Client-first makes your projects marketing-friendly by using clearly identified classes and is suitable for both novices and experts. The template even uses REM units to improve accessibility and responsiveness.

What I like:

  • A full startup website template that uses the CMS
  • Focuses on being marketer-friendly and accessible
  • Clean and modern web design that is up to date with current trends

10. iWrite (Blog template)

Free Webflow blog template

iWrite is a free Webflow blog template created by @LizzieKevanCurtis. This a great template for anyone looking to make a blog website in Webflow.

The template is responsive, uses the Webflow CMS, has simple interactions, and includes a cool animation when clicking on the hamburger menu.

This template is great for anyone that loves to write, hence the name. It doesn’t focus too much on being flashy or having a lot of images — allowing for the focus to be solely on writing.

What I like:

  • A clean reading experience
  • Simple interactions and animations that make it feel special
  • Multi-page template via Webflow CMS

11. Manka (Blog template)

Manka free Webflow blog template

If you’re a fan of WordPress blog themes, Manka is definitely one to check out. Created by @taylerodea, this template is apparently based on a WordPress them (as mentioned by the designer).

It’s a clean and simple blog template that offers different layouts and pages, along with a newsletter CTA. It’s a great template if you’re looking to branch out from a simple blog site and build a media company.

If you’re serious about becoming a blogger, and don’t have the money to spend on some of the premium blog templates we’ll go over in a bit, this template is definitely one to check out.

What I like:

  • Offers multiple layouts to choose from
  • Clean article page that’s easy to read
  • Newsletter CTA to capture email subscribers

12. Rocket (Landing page template)

Free Webflow landing page template

Rocket is a one-page landing page template created by the team at @Flowout. It’s a quirky, bright, and simple-to-use template that will instantly bring life to your brand and enhance conversions.

All of the CSS classes were named using the BEM naming pattern to ensure that they are as obvious as possible and that the styles may be readily altered to match your brand. It's intended to be a one-page template, but it can easily be expanded to something more comprehensive.

What I like:

  • Uses best practices for naming CSS classes
  • Cool button animations that give it personality
  • Grid style layouts and pricing section

13. Leaf (Landing page template)

Leaf Webflow landing page template

Leaf is another landing page template created by the team at @Flowout — they really do make some great free cloneables. Leaf has an earthy and modern feel that makes it great for almost any industry or niche.

It’s easily customizable, and just like the template mentioned above, it uses the BEM naming pattern for CSS classes. This template also has a lot of different sections that can be mixed and matched with other templates. A pricing section, an FAQ section, a product feature section, and many more and be found with this template.

What I like:

  • Beautiful FAQ section
  • Earthy and modern feel
  • A bold and clear hero section made to convert

14. MODULAR (Ecommerce template)

Free Webflow Ecommerce template

MODULAR is a full Webflow Ecommerce website template created by my dear friend, and talented designer, @itsjohnnie.

This ecommerce template offers a full website equipped with individual product pages, custom cart, and product category pages. It also features an email CTA where you can collect information from potential and current customers.

This is a great template if you’re just starting out with Webflow Ecommerce and you need a free template.

What I like:

  • Includes individual product pages
  • A clean grid-style homepage
  • Email subscribe CTA

15. Halal Lab (Ecommerce template)

Halal Lab free Webflow Ecommerce website template

Created by @halallab, this ecommerce website template is a homepage you can use for any online store. It’s a bold, colorful, and fun homepage equipped with trendy animations.

While it is just a homepage, the template does offer a great starting point for any ecommerce website. The page layouts, colors, and interactions give a lot of inspiration for what a more comprehensive website could look like.

What I like:

  • Fun and colorful design
  • Trendy interactions and animations
  • Robust website footer with an email capture form

Best paid Webflow templates

Here are my top picks for the best premium Webflow templates:

16. Myfolio (Portfolio template)

Myfolio Webflow portfolio template

Myfolio is a premium portfolio template created by Superflow. This template has a simple and clean visual design, enterprise-quality development, and fluid animations.

Myfolio is simple to configure, lightning quick, and responsive across all devices. It also has a bold design with beautiful gradients — which seem to be all the craze recently.

It’s great for those looking to build a portfolio website that also includes a blog. It’s not your average one-page portfolio site.

What I like:

  • Clean design with beautiful gradients
  • Scroll-based interactions and animations
  • Includes multiple pages with a full blog

17. Helen (Portfolio template)

Helen Webflow portfolio template

Helen is premium portfolio template created by the team at Udesly. It’s a versatile one-page templates that’s great for freelancers and agencies-of-one looking to build a stunning portfolio at an affordable cost.

The template has a grainy textured background and is designed for the creative type. It also includes a lot of customization options — easily update photos and descriptions for your projects, and choose from different options to highlight your work as a marquee, a slider, or a full-width image section.

What I like:

  • Affordable compared to most premium templates
  • Horizontal scroll animations
  • Implements modern web design trends like grain

18. Profolio (Portfolio template)

Profolio Webflow portfolio template

Last on our list for portfolio template is Profolio, created by Milos Knezevic. This is a Webflow portfolio template with a unique style and eye-catching animations to help your work stand out. The template is completely responsive and designed to load really quickly.

It’s a full website template equipped with multiple pages, a blog, contact page, 404 page, and many more. The template also has subtle scroll-based interactions along with a hero section that include a headshot — making it a professional design for your own website. It’s great for anyone looking to build an online presence or personal brand.

What I like:

  • SEO-friendly and responsive design
  • Leverages the Webflow CMS
  • Uses global swatches for easy customization

19. Saasly (SaaS template)

SaaSly Webflow SaaS website template

SaaSly is a clean and modern SaaS website template created by BRIX Templates. This premium template is great for tech and software startups looking to quickly get a professional website up and running.

The team that created this template also offers the full Figma design file for the template upon your request — making it great for startups that already have a design team looking to iterate and build on top of this template.

The template offers a full website that unitizes Webflow CMS and all of the modern features that Webflow gives to its users.

What I like:

  • Clean template with a lot of whitespace
  • Beautiful blog homepage with individual article pages
  • Ecommerce functionality

20. Techplus X (SaaS template)

Techplus X Webflow SaaS website template

Techplus X is the last SaaS template on our list, also created by BRIX Templates — they make some really good startup templates.

This template sets the standard for what a modern SaaS website should look like. It includes multiple pages, a blog, feature and use case pages, and tons of utility pages. It really does give you the essentials for crafting an effective SaaS content marketing strategy.

The design uses minimal gradients and bold typography, a trend among many new B2B SaaS websites.

What I like:

  • Full website template with all the essentials for creating great content
  • Minimalist web design rooted in modern trends
  • Multiple page layouts, giving you room for lots of customization

21. Ronie (Agency template)

Ronie Webflow agency website template

Ronie is an agency website template created by Maciej Kociela. It uses many elements of modern web design trends — gradients, grainy textures, and stunning typography.

This template also uses the Webflow CMS and includes a suite of layouts and pages that allow you to mix and match to create something totally new.

Ronie also comes with a style guide and getting started page to quickly learn how to use the template and customize it to fit your brand. This really is a great template if you’re looking to build an agency website.

What I like:

  • Large selection of layouts and pages to choose from
  • Includes lots of modern website design elements
  • Comes with a style guide and tutorial on how to use the template

22. Knock (Agency template)

Knock Webflow agency website template

Knock, the last agency template on our list, is created by Foursets. It’s a playful agency website template made for small-to-medium-sized digital agencies.

This template has over 10 different pages to choose from and three different CMS collections. Equipped with a blog, case study section, services section, style guide, and many more, Knock is a great agency template for anyone looking to build a website that converts well.

With it’s clean and minimalist design, this template is sure to improve the look of your agency website. You can also receive the Figma design file by reaching out to the team.

What I like:

  • Offers a wide variety of template and utility pages
  • Figma file available upon request
  • Fast loading speeds and equipped with a CMS

23. Apartb 128 (Business template)

Apartb 128 Webflow business website template

Created by 128.digital, Apartb 128 is a great website template for any small business — especially for anyone in the real estate space.

The template is geared more towards property managers, real estate companies, and property developers, but it can be customized for any local business.

It's also completely responsive. Whatever device your visitors use to view your site, the layout will adjust smoothly to the screen size to guarantee that they can still read, explore, and engage with it.

What I like:

  • Includes everything you need for a business website, including team pages, service pages, testimonials, a blog, and more
  • Fully responsive and retina ready
  • SEO optimized

24. Fintech X (Business template)

Fintech X Webflow business website template

Fintech X is a business website template created by BRIX Templates. This template can be used for almost any business, but it’s geared more towards financial and DeFi websites. It’s one of the more robust templates on our list.

It offers a wide variety of pages and layouts of different colors and styles — giving you lots of room to quickly customize different sections of your website.

Just like many other premium templates on our list, a Figma design file is available upon request.

What I like:

  • Optimized for speed
  • Offers more than enough pages and layout options
  • Always up to date, new features are added when needed

25. Boom (Blog template)

Boom Webflow blog template

Boom, created by Masterthemes, is a clean and modern news/media/blog style website template. If you’re looking to build a magazine style website, this template is definitely worth checking out.

It has a lot of the elements you can find on big media sites like Forbes or TechCrunch. From social media accounts, post categories, ecommerce functionality for digital products, and a beautiful reading experience, you really can’t go wrong with Boom as a template for your media site.

What I like:

  • Beautiful design and reading experience
  • Magazine-style homepage that includes a good searching experience
  • Prominent social media icons with a minimal email capture form

26. Reader (Blog template)

Reader, created by Elastic Themes, is a robust website template and UI kit. In fact, this template has so many design options that it should be used more like a UI kit that you mix and match together to create a full website.

It offers everything you’d want from a blog or media website — placements for banner ads or sponsorships, newsletter subscribe CTAs, and a feature-packed article reading experience.

If you use Webflow, and you’re serious about monetizing a blog or media site, this template is definitely one to check out and gain inspiration from.

What I like:

  • A focus on blog monetization
  • UI kit style template with a plethora of design options
  • Style guide and global swatches for easy customization

27. landOS (Landing page template)

landOS Webflow landing page template

Created by Anastasiia, landOS is a premium landing page template inspired by dark-mode design aesthetics.

It’s a great landing page template for almost any website, whether it’s an agency site, coaching website, digital product landing page, or service page.

With smooth interactions, fast loading speeds, and built with SEO in mind, this template is great for marketers looking to quickly whip up a professional looking landing page at an affordable cost.

What I like:

  • Dark-mode inspired
  • Fast, SEO optimized, great user experience
  • Affordable

28. NFT Landing (Landing page template)

Webflow NFT landing page template

Inspired by the NFT craze, NFT Landing is a landing page template designed by the team at Flowyak. This is a great one-page style website that can be great for anything tech related — from app landing pages to, you guessed it, NFT launches.

The template is beautifully designed and you can tell the team behind it knew what elements make a good landing page experience.

If you’re looking for a minimalist, yet modern-looking landing page, this template is definitely one you should check out.

What I like:

  • Includes lots of landing page layouts
  • Speed optimized to 99% on Google PageSpeed Insights
  • Affordable

29. Mood (Ecommerce template)

Mood Webflow ecommerce template

Mood, created by Pablo Ramos, is an online store template created for small businesses. The template uses the example of a candle ecommerce store to demonstrate how this template is best suited for physical products.

The template also leverages the Webflow CMS for a blog that can be used for content marketing efforts to drive sales to your ecommerce products. It’s a great ecommerce template for creating a simple, yet effective, online store.

What I like:

  • SEO optimized (speed, structure, headings, naming)
  • Simple, yet effective design
  • Responsive and retina ready

30. Salma (Ecommerce template)

Salma Webflow ecommerce template

Last, but not least, we have Salma — an ecommerce template created by Fouroom. Salma has, dare I say, a Shopify-like feel. Which is great if you’re looking to build a proper ecommerce website with Webflow.

It has lots of page layouts, a beautiful blog, minimalist feel, and amazing product pages. To be honest, this is probably one of the cleanest Webflow Ecommerce templates I’ve seen. It’s one I’ll definitely consider using next time I create an ecommerce website in Webflow.

What I like:

  • Clean and minimal product pages
  • Elegant typography
  • Social media feed

What is the best Webflow template?

Finding the best Webflow template depends on your use case. Here are my favorites broken down by use case:

Again, these are just my opinions. The word “best” is subjective so take all of my template recommendations with a grain of salt and do your own research. This article was just meant to help you on your journey to finding a template that’s right for you.

Can you make money selling Webflow templates?

Yes, you can definitely make money selling Webflow templates. There are plenty of Webflow designers currently making several thousand dollars a month from template sales.

However, not everyone can just start selling templates. If you want your templates to be in the official Webflow Template Marketplace, you’ll need to go through an application process. You can find the application here.

If you want to make serious money with Webflow templates, you need to commit to creating at least one new template a month. Doing so will allow you to get higher commission rates from Webflow.

For your best chance of being accepted as a template designer, you should have a beautiful Webflow portfolio that is built using web design best practices. You should also have at least three different websites you’ve built with Webflow using the same best design practices. You’ll definitely want to be well-versed in building Webflow websites in order to become a template designer.

If you’re just starting out, don’t be discouraged. I wrote a full review on Webflow, and in that guide I included a section at the end on how I learned how to build websites properly in Webflow in just one weekend.

If you’re committed, you can make some good money with templates in a matter of months.

Happy designing (and building)!

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