20 best content marketing blogs to read in 2023

Discover the 20 best content marketing blogs to follow in 2023. Dive into expert insights, actionable strategies, and industry trends.

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20 best content marketing blogs to read in 2023

So you’re running paid ads, you have a lead-gen and nurture email series running, and you have an influencer marketing plan on deck. You’re forgetting one critical component of a well-rounded digital marketing strategy — content creation.

Whether for B2B marketing, B2C, or any other marketing strategy, you can’t overlook content marketing as part of your overall plan. But with so many moving parts to it, it can be tough to know where to begin. We’ve taken some of the guesswork out of things by rounding up 20 of the best content marketing blogs you should be reading in 2023, so you can level up your content marketing game.

What makes a good content marketing blog?

With so many content marketing blogs, how do you discern good from exceptional? Here are the key factors that set the best content marketing blogs apart:

In-depth expertise

A stellar content marketing blog shares comprehensive knowledge rather than surface-level tips. It digs into the details of content creation, distribution, and measurement, guiding readers through the nitty-gritty of successful strategies.

Practical insights

Beyond theory, the best content marketing blogs provide actionable insights. They not only discuss theoretical concepts but also show how to implement them in real-world scenarios. Case studies, examples, and step-by-step guides are standard.

Trend tracking

A top-tier blog keeps a finger on the pulse of industry trends, offering readers a heads-up on emerging techniques, technologies, and shifts in consumer behavior.

Varied perspectives

A rich content marketing blog invites diverse viewpoints. Guest posts from industry experts, interviews with thought leaders, and collaborations bring multifaceted perspectives that enrich readers’ understanding.

Data-backed insights

Reliable blogs don't rely on conjecture; they leverage data to substantiate claims. Statistics, research findings, and empirical evidence bolster the credibility of their advice.

Icing on the cake

Engaging reads, community-driven formats, and interactive content are a few of the extras to look for in a great content marketing blog. In some cases, blogs offer additional services that take content marketing off your plate completely.

20 best content marketing blogs in 2023

As you explore our list of the 20 best content marketing blogs for 2023, keep the attributes above in mind to extract the utmost value from each site.

1. Superpath

Superpath content marketing blog

In the world of content creation, life can get a bit lonely if you primarily work solo. Having a community like Superpath in your corner might be just the thing you need to feel more supported — whether you need to brainstorm content ideas or accelerate your content and copywriting career. As one user puts it, being a part of the Superpath community is like being part of the “content marketing Avengers,” giving you a place to hone your craft, learn new skills, and network with like-minded folks.

The free Superpath plan gives you access to various Slack channels, including #freelance, #hire-me, #general, collab, and #job-listings, plus the weekly newsletter and podcast. For some content creators, this tier may be enough. However, if you’re looking for more, you can get access to the full Slack community for $20 monthly or $220 per year. At $500 per year on the Superpath Pro plan, you also get exclusive courses and content, monthly one-on-one calls, content strategy tear-downs, and office hours. Our advice? Try out the free plan first; once you feel like you’ve hit your limit in terms of value, you can always level up to a paid plan.

2. Minuttia

Minuttia content marketing blog

If you want to get into the weeds with evergreen content marketing and SEO for B2B SaaS companies, Minuttia’s got your back. The blog caters to growing B2B SaaS companies looking to kick their digital marketing efforts up a notch. Advanced guides, data studies, opinion articles, and rich video content like the SaaS SEO Show will keep any SaaS marketer busy for quite a while. This isn’t your average content marketing blog; it digs into the finer details of B2B marketing to help your company become a best-in-category leader.

You can DIY much of your B2B marketing using Minuttia’s free content, but if you’d rather lean on their expertise, you can book an intro call to learn about done-for-you content creation, strategy, SEO, design, and other digital marketing services. The client testimonials speak for themselves and are worth a read if you’re considering Minuttia.

3. Animalz

Animalz content marketing blog

Making the internet a more helpful place is the goal of Animalz, a blog dedicated to bringing high-quality, authoritative, long-form content to people and companies across industries. The Animalz team consists of content marketers who help companies achieve sustainable growth via its suite of tailored services, which include SEO consulting, blog articles and other brand awareness initiatives, lead generation, product marketing, and more. The free blog also offers a wealth of information for content marketers seeking knowledge and resources.

Bonus tip: Check out the Free Content Tool to have your content analyzed for SEO and opportunities to refresh older pieces of content. To learn more about Animalz’s services, you can also book a call and discuss your content marketing needs.

4. Grow & Convert

Grow and convert content marketing blog

Grow & Convert, a content marketing and SEO agency, got its start when founders Benji Hyam and Devesh Khanal recognized a common problem — that many content agencies weren't delivering real results. So they built their own marketing agency to focus on creating content that attracts high-quality visitors and generates real leads for businesses. Their unique partnership blended their skills, making Grow and Convert a go-to hub for practical content marketing insights that revolve around sharing useful experiences and case studies.

Like many of the blogs on our list, Grow & Convert offers done-for-you content and PPC services for those who need an expert’s eye on their content. We recommend you check out the variety of free content, sign up for the newsletter, and engage their services if you feel like you need more help.

5. Kevin Indig

Kevin Indig's blog

Growth at unicorn speed? Count us in. That’s the goal that Kevin Indig would like to help content marketers achieve, and we think that’s a doable endeavor for any company that taps into this growth advisor and podcaster’s expertise. Indig’s site is a newsletter-style blog with a wealth of information on SEO and growth marketing, organized in an easy-to-read format with search functionality to help you find the articles you need.

Indig’s expertise has allowed him to run SEO for big names like Shopify, G2, and Atlassian, making him well-suited to inform your digital marketing efforts. Tap on the Subscribe button to get free weekly emails delivered straight to your inbox, and be sure to check out Indig’s YouTube videos for even more content.

6. Content Marketing Institute

Content Marketing Institute's blog

Reading the Content Marketing Institute blog will make you feel like a smarty-pants. The site offers a wide range of content marketing news, insights, and resources for content marketers, plus access to industry events where you can sharpen your content marketing skills. Need more than knowledge? Tap into consulting services, submit an article, and explore CMI’s other brands, like Chief Content Officer and Content Marketing World.

Subscribe to Daily Alerts to receive expert advice, creative ideas, and other nuggets of content inspiration in your inbox. And then go forth and prosper like the content marketing genius you’ve always wanted to be.

7. Letterdrop

Letterdrop's blog

Letterdrop cuts through the content marketing clutter to bring you some of the most useful SEO, B2B, and content marketing information. Subscribe to the newsletter, and you’ll get an email every two weeks packed with marketing advice — a nice cadence for anyone feeling inbox fatigue. And with intriguing topics like “Is Webflow Good for SEO?” and “4 CoSchedule Alternatives for Project Management,” Letterdrop delivers the goods in an engaging, reader-friendly format.

Letterdrop has you covered with services, too — ranging from SEO to LinkedIn employee advocacy. You can start with a free 14-day trial to receive a handful of SEO reports, AI marketing tools, and other basics, and then decide if it’s worth it to engage Letterdrop for growth or enterprise services.

8. How The Fxck

How The Fxck content and SEO blog

Dominating search engine results pages is a worthy goal for any content marketer, and How The Fxck wants to get you there. If you’ve ever found yourself scratching your head, asking this very “how the …?” question, this blog is the place to be. Packed with tons of useful content detailing SEO strategies, the blog will help you not only bolster your search rankings but also turn traffic into revenue.

Clean, simple, and easy to navigate, How The Fxck also offers SEO playbooks, podcasts, and premium content for £17 per month. With a subscription, you get access to case studies from renowned SEOs to help you scale your traffic, plus weekly tips, templates, and guides to fuel your content engine.

9. Victoria Kurichenko

Victoria Kurichenko's medium blog

Victoria Kurichenko’s Medium page is a no-frills blog dedicated to all things organic search. With titles like “A Simple Way to Write an Article That Hits Google’s Front Page” and “5 Tools That Help Me Make Online Income on Autopilot,” the blog will keep you busy studying up on SEO strategies, tools, and tips.

Tap the Follow button to keep up with Victoria’s latest content, and subscribe to get an email notification anytime she posts something new. And be sure to read her About Me post to learn more about the Ukraine-based content marketer and founder of Self Made Millennials.

10. Grizzle

Grizzle content marketing blog

Get all the fresh SaaS marketing insights you need to build a better content marketing strategy with Grizzle. The thoughtfully designed blog that dives into weighty content marketing topics ranging from AI and link-building to creating data-driven content, and establishing topical authority. It’s a must-read for any SaaS and B2B company looking to achieve organic growth via content marketing initiatives.

Subscribe for twice-monthly email updates featuring new articles and guides, and be sure to check out the blog’s other resources, including a podcast, webinars, and case studies. You can also book a consultation to learn more about the company’s content marketing, SEO, social content, and digital PR services.

11. Beam Content

Beam Content blog

The first thing that stands out about Beam is its eye-catching, responsive design, with content that comes to life as you scroll through the page. The blog is not just about visuals, however; the articles feature useful tips and insights on content marketing that any B2B marketer or freelancer can use. Titles like “How to Write a B2B Blog Intro That Isn’t Boring AF” give you an idea of the candidness of this blog, built by a Beam Team that claims to be your content besties.

Tap into Beam’s expertise if you’re looking for done-for-you guides, reports, case studies, and articles — helping you fill content gaps and repurpose content via social media, videos, guest posts, and more. After all, blog content shouldn’t go to die on a blog, so giving it second, third, fourth, and fifth lives will make your content work its hardest.

12. fivethreeoh

fivethreeoh content marketing blog

If you’re looking for a blog that cuts to the chase, fivethreeoh delivers the goods, with insightful tips you can pick up and start using on day one. Admittedly, the blog has its limits, with just a handful of topics posted on the blog page. However, the blog is a gateway to the site’s other services, including SEO Sprints that serve as the building blocks of an SEO plan. From strategy and foundation to growth and promotion, every step has its purpose as part of a well-rounded content marketing strategy.

Tap the Start Here button to walk through the same eight steps that resulted in 700% organic growth in 12 months, starting with the question, “Who are you creating content for?” By the time you get to the last step, you should have a rock-solid content marketing strategy in place.

13. Neil Patel

Neil Patel's blog

Neil Patel is a marketing guru of sorts, one you can always rely on for insightful tips and no-frills advice to inform your content marketing strategy. It doesn’t get much clearer than “Let Me Help You Get More Google Traffic” as far as the site’s intent, and there’s a wealth of resources to use as you create your content marketing strategy.

Training, tools, consulting, and other services are par for the course on any blog where you’re gaining valuable insights from an industry veteran. However, there are plenty of free resources to peruse until you’re ready to uplevel your content marketing game. With free site registration, you get access to an SEO tool, training, and support, plus daily rank tracking and personalized SEO suggestions.

14. DashClicks' blog

DashClicks' blog

You may be familiar with DashClicks as a digital marketing fulfillment house that provides a range of services, including ads management, social posting, content creation, and listings. Beyond that, the DashClicks blog offers advice, research, how-tos, and insights from top industry experts. The content is updated regularly, so you’re likely to find fresh content just about daily on this helpful and reader-friendly blog.

Reading the blog is a great way to get a feel for DashClicks before deciding whether to engage the company for fulfillment services. It’s also a great way to load up on helpful knowledge you can use for your content marketing game plan.

15. Marketer Milk

Marketer Milk

In the never-ending game of growth marketing for SaaS companies, content marketing remains one of the most powerful tools for standing out from the crowd. Marketer Milk is keenly aware of this fact and aims to serve as a go-to growth lever for SaaS businesses looking for insightful tips, tools, and resources to create a hard-working content marketing strategy. The free resource is a goldmine of information that keeps up with the evolving algorithms, marketing trends, and consumer behavior shifts, without putting readers in a state of overwhelm.

Subscribe to the weekly newsletter to stay in the loop on the latest content marketing news, and you’ll quickly see why we’re a favorite resource for marketers of all kinds. And every weekday, head to the blog to find five new curated links in the growing library of insightful, boredom-busting marketing content.

16. Mayple

Mayple's SEO and content blog

Mayple is another free, no-frills blog with a simple design and helpful content discussing SEO tips, keyword research, backlinks, conversion rates, and other must-know SEO topics. The blog is free to read, and you can also utilize Mayple for SEO, paid advertising, influencer marketing, and other services.

Looking for more support? Mayple is also a platform where you can hire top vetted marketers, with experts in SEO, email marketing, social media marketing, and more. Mayple uses AI to comb through 25 matching factors and pinpoint the marketer who best matches your niche, budget, business size, and personality.

17. Brafton

Brafton's blog

Head over to the Brafton blog, and you’ll find hundreds of pages featuring articles on content marketing, content creation, email marketing, and other topics. This is the place to become a content marketing expert and propel your brand’s growth efforts, all in an easy-to-read, engaging format. You can also subscribe for free weekly resources.

More than a content marketing blog, Brafton is a platform that solves some of the biggest content marketing problems, including planning, production, and measurement. With Brafton, you can eliminate endless email chains, manage content production, and track progress while keeping everyone in the loop who needs to be.

18. Content Distribution

Content Distribution free guides

“Free Playbooks” is the promise of Content Distribution, a blog devoted to providing actionable guides to content marketers. With topics like “Automating B2B SaaS Keyword Research” and “Ranking Without Backlinks,” there’s a wealth of information for every type of content marketing challenge.

For those looking to turn SEO (search engine optimization) into their top acquisition channel — a big ask in a world where paid ads often steal the limelight — you can check out the done-for-you services offered by the Content Distribution team. They claim to make SEO look easy, and if that’s true, then it might be worth it to book a call.

19. Clearscope

Clearscope's blog

Cleascope is an AI-powered platform that helps you get the most out of your content, with an easy-to-use interface anyone can jump into and start using. The platform enables content marketers to gauge the SEO-worthiness of their content before publishing it, with tools to analyze readability and SEO value, plus plug-ins for WordPress, Google Docs, and more.

Now that you know what Clearscope is (if you didn’t already), check out their blog for free, insightful resources to make sense of content marketing and SEO. If you like what you see, book a demo to assess whether the paid platform is worth it for your needs.

20. Writer Access

Writer Access's content marketing blog

Writer Access grew from zero to 40,000 customers organically, with no venture capital, and now they want to share their wisdom with the world. The platform is another marketplace where you can hire content marketers and other digital marketing professionals for a variety of needs. With its pay-as-you-go model, AI-powered writer search, and 14-day trial, Writer Access eliminates barriers to entry so content marketers can get up and running quickly.

With the Writer Access blog, you can tap into the knowledge and insights of experts whose sole mission is to help content marketers boost their online presence and drive sales. Subscribe to the newsletter to get an idea of Writer Access’s content before moving forward with paid services.

Discover the best content marketing content

Whether you’re a seasoned content marketing pro or an eager beginner, these blogs offer a wealth of information that goes beyond conventional advice. From data-backed strategies to practical case studies, they equip you with the tools to generate an effective content marketing strategy either on your own or with help from experts.

As you craft the perfect content marketing plan, don’t forget to subscribe to the Marketer Milk newsletter for the most up-to-date marketing content. And check out our vast repository of content marketing content to stay ahead of the curve.

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