8 best SEO content writing services to try in 2024 (Ranked)

If you're looking to scale your SEO content writing efforts, and grow your organic traffic, you should leverage these 8 SEO content writing services.

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8 best SEO content writing services to try in 2024 (Ranked)

It can be a difficult process to find, hire, and manage writers — all while trying to craft a content marketing strategy that will drive meaningful SEO traffic.

In 2024, one of the best ways to attract visitors to your website, improve your search engine rankings, and boost awareness of your brand is by publishing content online. We're talking about interesting, engaging, and helpful blog posts, listicles, ebooks, infographics, and whitepapers that help you earn your target audience's trust while perform better in search rankings.

However, writing quality website content takes time, expertise, and talent. Because while writing may seem easy, it takes a lot of effort. Yet, much of the time hiring a full-time content writer who has what it takes to craft solid, engaging, valuable content just isn’t in your budget.

So what do you do? Well, you go through a content writing service, of course. By hiring teams full of experienced, professional writers who specialize in SEO content, the SEO content writing services on this list can deliver high quality content at a reasonable price. It's pretty much a no-brainer.

Why use content writing services?

When hiring a full-time, in-house content writer is off the table, pretty much the only option you are left with is to turn to freelancers. And while contract SEO content writers are often brimming with experience, talent, and great work ethic, if you're just starting out it may be intimidating for some. This means that the trial and error process of finding the right freelancer for your company can cost a pretty penny, not to mention waste quite a bit of your time.

That’s why SEO content writing services are so useful. These companies have already done the work of choosing the best content writers so that you don’t have to. Instead of worrying about negotiating rates and paying contractor invoices, you can let the content writing service take care of it for you.

To put it simply, you do less work to meet your content needs and you get the best results. Sound like something you want to try? If so, you’re in luck, because we’ve gathered the eight best SEO content writing services for you below. With various strengths and a range of pricing packages, they represent a variety of options well worth considering.

Top 8 SEO writing services to grow your traffic

Here's a list of the best SEO content writing services:

  1. Compose.ly
  2. Draft
  3. The Urban Writers
  4. ContentWriters
  5. Crowd Content
  6. Animalz
  7. Scribly.io
  8. Article-Writing.co

Okay, let's dive a bit deeper into each one.

1. Compose.ly

Compose.ly SEO content writing service

Compose.ly is the expert SEO content writing service your brand deserves (finally)! They’ve helped hundreds of companies reach their content and revenue goals by taking advantage of their full SEO potential. Whether you need expert SEO blog writers, E-E-A-T support, keyword research, or SEO content briefs, Compose.ly has the team to help.

In fact, using their services, Mailchimp ranked for more first page search results and increased their organic traffic by a whopping 49%. Compose.ly’s rigorously-vetted content management teams build you a dedicated team of industry expert writers and editors who are all trained in SEO best practices. 

Compose.ly’s content writing services can increase your SERP rankings, drive more traffic to your content, or help you connect with your audience more meaningfully. Plus, their prices are easily scalable to meet your business needs wherever they are. Starting at $999 a month, get one step closer to saving hours in your day by letting Compose.ly take content creation off your plate.

2. Draft

Draft SEO content writing service

Draft is a content writing service that can offer SEO blog posts, social media posts, email marketing copy, and more. Their easy process allows you to request quality content in under five minutes and, best of all, it will be written by highly-talented writers: Draft only accepts fewer than 1% writer applicants. All you do is send a content brief (and any brand voice guidelines) and the team at Contentfly assigns your topics to their writer network.

Having worked with over 2,000 businesses, they have a great reputation for taking care of the entire content writing process from beginning to end and having a quick turnaround time. Contentfly also makes sure their content has passed plagiarism and proofreading tests.

You’ll be charged based on the number of words you order per month, with the most affordable plan starting at $300 for 4,000 words per month and the most advanced plan offering 32,000 words a month for $2,400. You will also get a 4,000-word money-back guarantee, with unlimited revisions and edits, so you won’t lose anything by giving Draft a try.

3. The Urban Writers

The Urban Writers SEO content writing service

The Urban Writers offers both web content creation and ghostwriting service for personal and business use. You can get nearly anything written from an entire book to SEO blog posts to book descriptions. Best of all, you’ll be able to track your project in real-time, with the ability to chat with the writers, track revisions, get notifications, and even see your project be written.

For SEO copywriting and blog articles, packages range from one article at $5.49 per 100 words to 30 articles at $5.29 per 100 words.

4. ContentWriters

ContentWriters SEO content writing service

Used by companies such as Forbes, Expedia, Mercedes-Benz, and Adobe, ContentWriters is very well respected in the industry. They focus on connecting agencies, publishers, stores, and brands with professional, expert copywriters and assign you a dedicated account manager in order to help you get the most out of their SEO content writing service. Not only is the content guaranteed to be 100% original, but it also comes with a 100% content satisfaction money back guarantee.

Content Writers’ pricing ranges from $99 per piece of original content through their self service platform to other unique packages customized to your needs through working with a dedicated content success specialist.

4. Crowd Content

Crowd Content SEO content writing service

Crowd Content is a one-stop shop for many different types of content including blog posts, product descriptions, city pages, press releases, and social media content. They offer two content writing services: a content marketplace where you can buy pre-written high quality content from over 6,000 professional writers and managed SEO-friendly content services where a partner helps you create and manage a content program built just for you. Crowd Content’s clients have included Lowe’s, WordPress, and HomeAdvisor, among thousands of others.

Crowd Content’s self-service pricing depends on content type, word count, and quality level, ranging from 3 cents a word at the lowest to 13.5 cents a word at the highest. You can get a quote for their managed services, which include fully-managed content creation, a dedicated project manager, regular progress and strategy calls, and three layers of quality assurance, here.

6. Animalz

Animalz SEO content writing service

With a focus on serving enterprise organizations, startups, and VC firms, Animalz is a content writing agency that has worked with companies such as Google, Amazon, Zendesk, and Wistia. They've really established themselves as a reputable content writing company that produces engaging content. Animalz promises long-term, sustainable growth by connecting you with high-quality, long-form content. It’s a pretty specific service, but if it’s a good fit for your and your company’s needs, it may be well worth checking out.

Animalz’ services include search engine optimization consulting, brand awareness, lead generation, product marketing, and promotion and distribution, spanning content types including blog articles, ebooks, white papers, case studies, and social media copy. You’ll have to get in touch with them to determine pricing.

7. Scribly.io

Scribly.io SEO content writing service

Scribly.io’s goal is to help you boost traffic and generate leads with as little effort on your part as possible, meaning no contracts, no hiring, and almost no effort. Their dedicated project manager will take over the entire content marketing strategy and process from SEO target keyword research to creating a monthly content calendar. With your monthly word limit, you can choose to request SEO blog posts, landing page copy, ad copy, and more from Scribly's content team.

Scribly.io prides themselves on offering straightforward pricing packages, with three available plans. The micro package costs $495 a month and includes 2000 words (2-3 pieces of content) , the mega package costs $1150 and includes 6,5000 words (5-7 pieces of content), and the turbo package costs $3,500 a month and includes 22,500 words (20-30 pieces of content). One-off SaaS content marketing services are also offered.

8. Article-Writing.co

Article-Writing.co SEO writing service

Offering SEO articles, blog writing, emails, product descriptions, social media posts, and web pages copy, Article-Writing.co prides themselves on delivering rigorously edited, engaging and valuable content in a timely manner. Built to partner with marketing agencies, Article-Writing.co aims to save you time and money by connecting you with the most eye-catching content on the web.

Each of Article-Writing.co’s different service types has its own pricing scheme depending on the word count and article quality, with one professional level 500-word blog post a month costing $125.

Content fuels organic growth

It has been proven that content marketing is gold in today’s digital marketing age, capable of increasing your page ranking, bringing more website visitors to your page, helping improve awareness of your brand, and overall putting your company on the path to grow and meet its goal. And if you want to achieve these results as soon as possible on a budget, the best route to go down is working with an article writing service (and also an AI writing tool) that can do all of the hard work for you.

Above, we’ve listed eight of the best SEO content writing services available in 2024. We hope one of them turns out to be a good fit for you and helps you to reach your target audience.

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