Head of Growth

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Full time
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Growth marketing
$175k - $205k

About Polycam

Polycam is quickly establishing itself as the most popular 3D capture app in the world. Our mission is to make 3D capture more accessible, helpful, and fun.

Polycam is backed by outstanding investors including Sequoia Capital, Chad Hurley (Co-Founder of YouTube), and Adjacent.

The Role

The Head of Growth is responsible for developing and implementing strategies to grow revenue, users and retention. We already have a product users love, and we're looking for someone to help us drive the next 100x in our core growth metrics. We are looking for someone who has driven massive growth at other startups and has a strong handle on proven growth methodologies as well as the ability to innovate and develop new strategies on the fly that cater to our unique product and userbase. Candidates should have 6+ years work experience in marketing and 3+ years in a senior growth or marketing role.

About you

  • 6+ years experience in marketing
  • 2+ years management experience
  • Experience driving significant (100x) growth in a core business KPI such as revenue
  • Enjoys both developing and executing on growth strategy
  • Experience running growth at another high growth (Series A,B,C...) startup
  • Experience with digial marketing channels such as: SEO / ASO, Paid acquisition such as Facebook/Instagram/TikTok ads, influencer marketing, content marketing.

What you'll be doing

  • Develop multi-channel growth strategies with a data-driven approach
  • Use and improve our product analytics to tighten our build-measure-grow loop
  • Work with product and engineering teams to strategically announce new products and features
  • Leverage our treasure trove of user-generated 3D content for SEO and content marketing. See https://poly.cam/explore
  • Work with product teams to improve the virality of our product (user's already love creating with Polycam and sharing on social media, how can we supercharge this to drive growth?)

Why join Polycam?

We have great traction both in terms of active users and paid subscribers, and our core metrics are growing at a world-class rate. Happy to share the numbers if you're interested in learning more.

We've received seed funding from Sequoia Capital, Chad Hurley (cofounder of YouTube) and other great investors. Investors from nearly every top VC firm are interested in our Series A.

The founding team of Polycam has many years of experience working on 3D reconstruction for mobile, and previously worked together to build Display.Land, a predecessor 3D capture app.

Posted on:
July 18, 2022

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